The social dimension of ecosystem-based adaptation

Policy series No 12, 2013.- An important feature of Ecosystem-based Adaptation to climate change (EbA), besides environmental and adaptation benefits, is the pursuit of social benefits for local communities including vulnerable groups, such as women, youth and indigenous people (e.g. increases in income, diversification of jobs, educational opportunities and gender equality). While EbA can target specific social or environmental impacts, one of its strengths is in the ability to simultaneously maximize synergies between multiple environmental, economic and social goals.

With regards to social benefits, properly implemented EbA projects have the potential to deliver benefits for local communities including food security, shelter, risk reduction, freshwater and medicine supply, and local climate regulation.

This issue of the UNEP Policy Series on Ecosystem Management highlights the importance of the social dimension in developing and implementing ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation through supportive policies and policy instruments.

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