New Interactive Global Weather Resources Available Through aWhere Inc.’s Open Platform

aWhere, Inc. of two new weather resources which have recently gained global exposure and accessibility through the aWhere Platform:

As climate change threatens the livelihoods of millions of small-scale farmers throughout the developing world, aWhere, Inc. announces the inclusion of new global weather resources to help address food security and adaptation to climate change.  The aWhere Platform now offers free access to satellite derived precipitation data and localized weather data for Mexico and Central America.

The new satellite derived precipitation product, created by Colorado State University, uses microwave satellite sensors to provide unprecedented access to localized, global precipitation data. These data, which have better spatial and temporal resolution than existing sources, are now a significant part of the aWhere Platform.

These resources are now accessible through aWhere’s interactive, web based tool.  The Platform offers free access to weather data for Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa; South Asia; Central America; and Mexico.  Platform users have access to historical, daily-observed, and forecasted hyper-localized weather data for key variables including precipitation, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, and growing degree days. Users interact with gridded data (available in a 5-arc minute resolution, or 9 x 9 km grid cell) through rich maps, graphs, and table tools, all accessed via the internet.  Additionally, users can customize web-based weather analyses, download data for further analysis, and monitor weather patterns through emailed alerts and reports.

“As the impacts of climate change become more devastating, the need for easily communicable weather data is vital for those living in the developing world,” says aWhere CEO Dr. John Corbett, “These changes represent aWhere’s commitment to provide high quality weather data and location intelligence in support of global development.”

Register here if you’re a new user and instantly access weather data for your locations of interest.  Existing users can log in here.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about aWhere’s weather data.

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