Launch of online toolbox on wild plant species use and trade

TRAFFIC has launched an online interactive ‘Traditional and wild’ toolbox, created to showcase the sustainability of wild harvesting and trade in plant species used for medicine and food.

The ‘Traditional and wild’ toolbox contains a resources section on sustainable wild harvest and trade, information about 30 commonly used wild-collected plants, quizzes and plant facts. It can provide a learning resource for training sessions and workshops on wild plants. The website features the FairWild Standard through an online cartoon, which explains how it can guide efforts to ensure plants are managed, harvested and traded in a way that maintains populations in the wild and benefits rural producers. Also included is an overview of selected projects worldwide incorporating use of the FairWild Standard, the best-practice framework for sustainable harvesting and equitable trade, recognized as a key tool for the delivery of selected targets of the CBD’s Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

The state-of-the-art website was developed by TRAFFIC and WWF Hungary as part of an EU-funded ‘Traditional and wild’ projectaimed at preserving knowledge about sustainable harvesting of wild plant resources in Central Europe. The project, implemented in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland, facilitated the establishment of pilot initiatives for the sustainable management of wild-collected plants and capacity-building of local inhabitants in Central Europe. A summary of the ‘Traditional and wild’ Project  is available in Czech, English, Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian (PDF, 2 MB).

The toolbox has a focus on the Central European region, and is also available in Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian and Czech. For more information, see the original press release: /home/2014/5/27/wild-plants-the-stars-of-innovative-online-toolbox.html. Already the toolbox has won “Site of the Day” for its innovative creative design and ease of use from the prestigious and websites.

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