Key World Energy Statistics application now on Android‏

The IEA has been publishing a small booklet of Key World Energy Statistics for more than 15 years.  This booklet contains information on regional energy production, trade and consumption, associated CO2 emissions from fuel combustion, projections of energy supply and demand growth as well as the associated emissions scenarios and is the IEA’s most popular download from our newly-designed website.  It is available at:,31287,en.html

In addition, to allow you to amaze your friends and family with your energy and emissions knowledge, the International Energy Agency developed an IPhone application for the Key World Energy Statistics 3 years ago.  This application presents the same information as the paper publication (including CO2 emissions estimates and projections) and has grown in popularity over the years.  The latest edition is available from the above link or on the ITunes store under the heading ‘IEA Key World Energy Statistics’.

An now, the same application is also available for Android phones from the above link or on the Google Play store under the heading ‘IEA KeyWorldEnergyStatistics’.

We hope that you will enjoy having this important information at your fingertips, and please watch for the new edition of the Key World Energy Statistics, available in September, 2014.

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