Alliance for Global REDD+ Capacity Competencies Framework now available

A COMPETENCIES FRAMEWORK, created with technical and financial support from the Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) program, is now available on the FCMC website. The REDD+ Competencies Framework was produced by the Alliance for Global REDD+ Capacity (AGRC). Please click HERE to access the report and brief.

The competencies framework is broad in scope and addresses several main thematic areas related to REDD+. Each of these themes presents an overview of important knowledge, including policy context and key terms. Definitions from authoritative sources were used to help reduce the confusion that arises when stakeholders have different understandings of basic concepts. Each theme also describes some of the key skills needed for more detailed engagement. This document is designed as a broad reference and not a detailed manual on any of the themes. A list of references of specialized resources is provided for each theme.

The target audience for this framework includes organizations that design trainings about REDD+ for a wide range of stakeholders. This includes government representatives at all levels, indigenous peoples and local communities, private sector project developers, and others potentially affected by REDD+. This competencies framework may also be useful for leaders seeking to identify the knowledge and skills that their organizations need to engage in REDD+ design and implementation. For example, a government official in charge of building a REDD+ team could draw from the competencies to develop terms of reference for personnel.

AGRC is a distributed global network of 16 respected organizations committed to providing the expertise, training, and tools required by REDD+ stakeholders. AGRC aims to share knowledge and expertise and facilitate coordination of services and products, resulting in efficient and broad coverage of audiences, geography and technical content. Additionally, AGRC seeks to bring together the strengths of its members in order to undertake initiatives of global significance and impact that no single member could deliver.

This e-mail is intended to disseminate information and/or results from FCMC. A number of reports and documents are already available under “Resources” at Although FCMC is funded by USAID, the content of this email, as well as the documents found on the FCMC website, do not necessarily represent an official policy or position of the US government in general, nor USAID in particular.

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